A TikTok user explained what the colored circles are used for on food packaging

Another day another way TikTok came to the rescue by answering one of life’s many questions.

Chances are, at least one in your life, you’ve eaten a bag of crisps or something similar and noticed there’s a bunch of mysterious colored circles on the wrapper.

Look, we took a packet of Walkers Crisps to check it out, and here they are!

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But what are they for? Is it a secret message from another life form? Are aliens trying to contact us using a series of brightly colored dots? Should we be worried? Well, according to one TikTok user, these have absolutely nothing to do with aliens, so you can relax.

Sonya Gonzalez Mier works in food marketing and turned to TikTok to explain once and for all the meaning of circles, and it all has to do with the color of the packaging.

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She begins the video by saying, “I work in food marketing and we have these colored patches on all of our packaging.

“No it’s not barcodes, no it’s not some mysterious sign.

“These are color control patches, which we need because the colors you see on the packaging are not actually the colors we print. Let me explain … to choose the colors you see on the package, we layer the colors and the color patches are the colors we layer on top of each other to get the colors you see.

“To make sure the colors are correct, we look at the color control patches and if they are slightly offset, we know all packaging will be disabled.”

So there you have it, another mystery solved!

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