Amsterdam-based Bringly Expands Sustainable Same-Day Delivery Network in Germany


City centers are increasingly congested with traffic, many of which are delivery vehicles. Therefore, the European Commission has set itself the ambitious goal of achieving essentially CO2-free urban logistics in major urban centers by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to make urban logistics more sustainable .

And that’s exactly what Amsterdam-based Bringly is trying to do. The startup offers a sustainable, same-day delivery service for retailers and e-commerce through its network of bicycle couriers and electric vehicles to deliver quickly, locally and completely CO2 neutral.

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Bringly expands same-day delivery network in Germany

In a recent development, the sustainable shipping platform announced the extension of its same-day delivery service in Germany for new retailers and online stores. Thanks to the Brinigly network, they can now also deliver to their customers’ homes by bike or EV the same day.

Bringly CEO and Co-Founder Rajiv Laigsingh says: “Last year we started same day local deliveries to 3 cities in Germany. We then optimized delivery processes and services with our existing customers and local partners. We started the local “Ship-from-Store”, but we also introduced national deliveries. We are proud that with our platform we can now also offer CO2 neutral and same day deliveries to new retailers and online shops in Germany.

The company reports that after launching its services in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, more than 10 new cities have joined for CO2-neutral, same-day delivery to Germany.

Bringly’s Head of Partnerships Kas van den Ban adds: “Cities in Germany are bigger than in the Netherlands and that’s why a different approach is needed. Sustainable same-day delivery is not yet the norm in Germany, but thanks to our scalable network of bicycles and electric vehicles and our intelligent software, we are moving in the right direction.

What does Bringly offer?

Founded in 2019 by Rajiv Laigsingh and Anton Liulichev, Bringly provides a scalable end-to-end solution for same-day, sustainable delivery to retailers and online stores. The platform optimizes the available (delivery) capacity of urban couriers and delivers packages quickly and sustainably from stores, hubs, dark stores and central distribution centers.

Bringly is currently active in over 40 cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. The sustainable transportation network currently consists of more than 1,200 bicycle couriers and electric carriers.

He receives a commission for each package successfully delivered. “On top of that, we try to personalize retailers’ first to last mile by looking at their needs. It is possible to customize, for example, parts such as custom pickups, brand tracking and traceability and monthly reports. We call it “sustainable logistics as a service,” says Laigsingh.

The expansion comes after the company raised funds, in March 2021, to further expand its services on an (inter) national scale. Bringly is currently engaged in a new round of investment to further extend the platform and sustainable network for retailers and online stores in Europe.

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