Bag-in-Box comes to the packaging of pet food

The new packages of Mondi are

• FlexiBag in Box, which supports online and omnichannel pet food marketing

• Recyclable FlexiBag, a recyclable flat bottom bag with a zipper function, and

• FlexiBag Recycle Handle, a ready-to-recycle rolled-up bag of glue with an easy-to-carry handle. Each package is designed to grab the attention of consumers – on retail shelves or through e-commerce channels – and earn brand preference among environmentally conscious end users.

Options for all FlexiBag packs include premium gravure and flexo printing up to 10 colors or ultra high definition. The bags are available with transparent windows, laser stripes and gussets.

One thing that makes Mondi’s new FlexiBag in Box format so remarkable is that the bag-in-box is rarely, if ever, seen in the pet food market. “Our qualitative and quantitative consumer study identified a consumer need for this format in the pet food industry,” said William Kuecker, vice president of marketing for Mondi Consumer Flexibles, North America. “There is a demand for packaging that allows consumers to serve easily and yet reseal reliably. This is expected to replace the current widespread practice of pouring pet food into a trash can or tub at home. The inclusion of the slider on the packaging was also key to consumer interest in our research.

Kuecker also noted the steady growth of pet food sold through e-commerce, where SIOC (Ships In Own Container) is all the rage. The FlexiBag in Box meets this requirement. Additionally, it allows brands to promote their products both on their product packaging and the shipping containers in which they are delivered to end user customers.

“FlexiBag in Box is designed for the growing, omnichannel pet food market,” said Kuecker. “The combination of SIOC compatible enclosures is based on information gleaned from extensive consumer research. Packaging equips pet food manufacturers with a powerful branding tool through use that supports retailers’ online marketing efforts and builds brand preference among end users. At the same time, it helps retailers meet their sustainability goals, while assuring environmentally conscious customers that the products they buy meet high sustainability standards.

Kuecker adds that the FlexiBags are compatible with existing filling equipment that currently processes large side gusset pet food bags, including machines from Cetec, Thiele, General Packer and others. Regarding the flexible film material, Kuecker describes it as a single material PE / PE lamination developed by Mondi to be suitable for holding dry pet food in amounts up to 30 lbs.

The recycling FlexiBag in Box arrangement consists of flat, roll-glue or pinch-bottom bags and boxes ready to ship. Bags and boxes can be personalized with a brand’s graphics, logo and promotional and sustainability messages, as well as nutritional content information.

Moving on to Mondi’s new recyclable PE FlexiBag bags, these are available with powerful resealability features including a snap closure and zip pocket. All of the packaging, including the zipper, is recyclable, Kuecker said. The packaging is designed specifically to meet the shelf appeal and production efficiencies required by the pet food industry. The bags are available in flatbed, rolled glue, or pinched bottom configurations. They incorporate high fat, flavor and moisture barriers, offer good shelf life, are 100% airtight and are suitable for fill weights up to 44 lbs (20 kg).

As part of Mondi’s EcoSolutions approach to help customers achieve their sustainability goals with new packaging solutions, the Recyclable FlexiBag is approved for the How2Recycle in-store drop-off program of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The How2Recycle Store Drop-off approval is product specific, so even if this packaging is approved, a brand will need to get a separate approval for each product.

Last but not least, the new flexible recycling handle is available in rolled glue and pinched bottom configuration. The handle makes it easy to transport and pour FlexiBag products.

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