Be careful when receiving a home delivery, especially if it is a high value package

Package thieves continue to plague delivery drivers, businesses and people waiting for their packages.

Clive Maher of SCP Security said: “There has been an increase in these cases recently. Cases where drivers transport high value goods like electronic devices where criminals know who the driver is and intercept the delivery at gunpoint. Luckily so far no shots have been fired and no one has been injured during these robberies in our area.

Maher added that people receiving packages should “always be aware of your surroundings when receiving packages because a delivery crime could become a home invasion.”

Footage provided by SCP Security after a courier felt uncomfortable delivering to an abandoned property in Northcliff. Photo: Supplied [Layout – if any info is visible please blur]

“We inform certain delivery companies, and drivers when we see them, that if they are carrying high value goods, will receive large sums of money for payment or feel uncomfortable, they are asked to contact us to facilitate the transfer.”

Fairland Police Station Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Clive de Freitas said: ‘Couriers are considered an easy target as they are normally a driver in a vehicle entering a driveway. They are often distracted and turn their backs on the road when dealing with the customer. It’s easy for criminals to hold them at gunpoint, take the packages and leave.

“Companies are constantly increasing security measures to protect their drivers and vehicles with GPS monitoring, video footage, alarms and the installation of cages etc., but it is a reality, and it is happening.”

Recently, a driver from a well-known e-commerce company asked a Northcliff resident for help because he couldn’t find a delivery address for a package. It was an abandoned property and the mode of payment for the goods was stated as cash, making him a target and he felt uncomfortable. They decided he had to err on the side of caution, and he left.

Maher said: ‘It was the safest thing to do as there is a possibility of criminals waiting in the abandoned house for the delivery they could steal without paying as the mode of payment was cash.’

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