Bettaway Supply Chain Services Expands Custom Product Packaging and E-Commerce Fulfillment Operations for Beverages

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Bettaway Supply Chain Services has expanded its beverage distribution and fulfillment services with the launch of a new automated “mixed pack” processing line that can assemble, shrink wrap and label up to 15 cases per minute.

Bettaway, which started out as a local soda bottler in Brooklyn, NY, delivering products to local businesses around 50 years ago, has added the new services to its state-of-the-art beverage storage and distribution facility. , BevDS, in Piscataway, NJ. Spanning over 300,000 square feet, the warehouse has 52 dock doors, can store over 35,000 fully loaded pallets, and supports over 20 customers handling beverages and other packaged consumer products. (CPG) food grade.

The new assorted packaging line includes automated handling equipment coupled with a sophisticated heat-shrink packaging process to quickly assemble packaged beverage cases, of various container sizes, flavors or SKU configurations, with packaging colors, product logos and custom graphics.

“Beverages are one of the fastest consumer goods for grocers and other retailers,” noted John Vaccaro, president of Bettaway. “The technology and automated systems that support custom packaging and fulfillment are critical to meeting market demands. This investment gives us one of the most modern and efficient co-packing operations in the North East.

Orders for various packs are usually secured in the form of pallets and trucked to regional distribution centers, or as direct door-to-door deliveries to retail outlets, such as grocery stores, “supermarkets” or convenience stores, explained Vaccaro, adding that the company’s dedicated truck fleet can be deployed to meet joint distribution and multi-stop delivery needs.

And, as an integrated operation, Vaccaro noted that the speed to market of the product is accelerated and the overall cost to land is reduced. Prior to the installation of the variety packaging line, drinks were shipped to a repacker and then back to Bettaway for final processing. The days necessary for this intermediate stage – and the additional cost – have been eliminated.

Vaccaro also noted that the new line supports Bettaway’s extensive e-commerce processing capabilities. “This is an increasingly critical and high demand capability, especially as today’s consumers have flocked to online orders during the pandemic,” he said.

Bettway is integrated with multi-party e-commerce platforms, as well as beverage producers’ dedicated e-commerce systems, which can route online orders directly to Bettaway’s facilities for fulfillment. Upon electronic receipt of an order, Bettaway staff pull, process and ship orders daily, often in the thousands a week.

Ecommerce orders are typically 4-drink packs shipped direct to consumers. The company also supports e-commerce orders through Amazon, assembling and consolidating shipments and then trucking them to Amazon warehouses for further fulfillment.

The new range is an ideal extension of Bettaway’s logistics services portfolio for beverage manufacturers and distributors, Vaccaro noted. The company provides inbound truck transportation of products from beverage factories to Bettaway facilities, receiving and unloading, pallet storage, inventory management, re-handling, assembly of various packs, execution and delivery. The company also drafts sea containers from the ports of New York and New Jersey.

Other value-added services include product kitting, repackaging and lightweight assembly services as well as logistics management, inventory optimization and supply chain engineering.

BevDS beverage customers using the new facility or various pack services include Arizona Iced Tea, Powerade, Monster Energy, Boylan Bottling, Lyre’s, Lassonde, Treo, Manhattan Special, and Uptime.

About Bettaway and BevDS Supply Chain Services: Bettaway, based in South Plainfield, New Jersey, is an integrated handling, transportation and supply chain management company. Bettaway is an industry leader in pallet management solutions, offering a managed services program backed by a network of facilities and a centralized suite of pallet services. The company also offers quality transport with its own dedicated fleets on the east and west coasts, and a national 3PL network. BevDS is a complete warehouse operation with a diverse range of packaging, e-commerce fulfillment and distribution management for beverages and other CPG products, as well as supply chain consulting services.

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