Brow Packaging Products Ireland offers product packaging such as shrink packaging for catering and bakery in Dublin Ireland

About eyebrow packaging

At Brow Packaging, we manufacture flexible films such as shrink films and bags. We supply a wide range of packaging, disposable foodservice products, paper hygiene and cleaning products to many industrial sectors.

Brow Packaging was founded by John C. Brow (‘JC’ as he became known). Today, Brow Packaging manufactures and processes a range of flexible packaging films and distributes plastic, aluminum and paper packaging, in addition to disposable foodservice and hygiene products which are described in the following sections.

Brow Packaging remains a family business that continues to offer quality and service at competitive prices. We keep abreast of the latest packaging trends and try to keep our customers informed by keeping our website both up to date and informative, with helpful downloadable tips.

Staffing and expertise
Our staff have many years of experience catering to a large clientele with varying needs, from small traders to supplying multinationals. Every customer is important to us.

Due to our wide range of products, we were unable to include everything, so if you have any specific requirement not stated, please ask our sales office. Our manufacturing team can also guide you on the right film-based products for your application.

We are happy to work with our customers on any packaging solutions and advise on packaging materials or machinery.

Sectors we serve

  • Bakery, Butcher, Caterer
    The section of the products we manufacture covers products such as the printed OPP films we make for bakeries, as well as other products, such as bags to let your apple pies breathe, box office bread bags, laminated window and paper bags or cut-to-size anti-grease bags, on our guillotine.

    We also manufacture specialty films for automated bakery lines, both for aligning boxes and for heat sealers on filling lines.

  • Food drink
    Each year we manufacture thousands of different products to order, all made to each customer’s specifications in our Belfast factory. Some customers have more than 50 specifications which gives you an idea of ​​the flexibility of our machines! We have a specially designed polyethylene extrusion facility housing multiple extruders and various printing and bag making machines.

    Our product line includes: product bags, many other types of bags, pallet liners and top sheets, box liners, perforated film to allow products to sweat, film for automated packaging lines , a shrink film.

  • Industrial
    Our Products We Make section will give you advice on the different types of films we make, be it tubes, various sheets and various bags. Advice is also provided, for example on how to measure a retractable pallet cover or box liner. We can add additives to give the film different properties such as varying degrees of slip. We manufacture everything to your specifications!

    Our product line includes:
    Polyethylene film for profile packaging, Protective film for shrink wrapped products, Bottom and top sheets for pallets, Many types of bags, Box Liner bags.

  • Pharmaceutical
    STATPAK â„¢ FP is a homogeneous antistatic polyethylene film that is effective even at low relative humidity (less than 12%). Designed for the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, it meets FDA Title 21 CFR 177.1520 (olefin polymers) and FDA Title 21 para 178.3130 (antistatic agents). The special additives used do not affect the clarity or quality of the film, and therefore its use is the most economical, since a standard film thickness can be selected.
  • Retail
    The Products We Manufacture section covers a wide range of products that we can manufacture for you. This could be for example direct mail bags with self-adhesive strips or bags for product returns or even tarpaulins to protect your stock!

    You may want branded carrier bags or printed dividers to showcase your products in specially printed trash bags.

  • Waste & Concierge
    The Products We Make section gives advice, for example, on how to measure bags to fit waste containers and whether you need a gusseted or plain tube when making the bags.

    Our product line includes:
    Various local authority and hospital garbage bags, transparent garbage bags to allow waste separation monitoring, bags printed with material symbols, various bags to fit toilets, manufactured trash bags on wheels depending on size and color.

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