Buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max from 1800 € and a soap arrives at your home (from 2 euros)

A bad adventure that happened to Khaoula Lafhaily, thirty-two years old, an Englishwoman who had decided to buy a new iPhone 13 Pro Max with a classic installment purchase plan as has been the case with operators in Italy for some time. In this case, the iPhone in question would have cost him about 1,500 pounds it’s almost €1,800 with an initial charge of £150 paid on signing. Nothing strange except that the courier at his home did not deliver his long-awaited iPhone 13 Pro Max but a real one. hand soap pack less than 2 euros.

Soap instead of the iPhone: the courier’s fault?

The girl told the bizarre story to an English online newspaper stating that, as always, while waiting for an important shipment, she hides at the window to check on the arrival of couriers who often miss the apartment. In this case, moving sky, should have delivered the iPhone the day after signing the contract. Agree except that the next day the courier had contacted the Englishwoman to ask him to postpone the delivery to the following day due to “traffic problems”.

Unfortunately, the rescheduled delivery was not successful as the courier failed to show up at Khaoula Lafhaily’s home. The girl, parked, instead saw a Sky Mobile freight forwarder approach her home who, however, delivered nothing but only took a picture of the outside of the house and then left. On tracking the shipment, however, the courier pointed out the impossibility of delivering the package after unsuccessfully knocking on the recipient’s door, obviously making up a lie.

The shipment, rescheduled again, finally reached its recipient on the third day. When opening the package, however, he did not find his iPhone 13 Pro Max but a nice packet of hand soap this technology had very little to do with what the girl was buying. A story that unfortunately happens more often than you think and that will be clearly solved by the operator who will send the iPhone back to the girl, not without some headaches checking that the courier has not delivered the phone correctly but hand soap.

Have you ever had such problems with couriers?

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