Closed Loop Partners forms a consortium to recover food packaging

Closed Loop Partners’ Center for the Circular Economy, in collaboration with PepsiCo and the NextGen Consortium, has begun a multi-year collaboration to increase recovery rates for compostable packaging in the United States.

Named the Composting Consortium, the collaboration aims to test industry-wide solutions and develop an investment plan in composting technologies and infrastructure to move towards a circular packaging economy.

The Center for the Circular Economy will manage the consortium, PepsiCo and the NextGen Consortium as the founding members.

Colgate-Palmolive, Kraft Heinz, Mars and Target support consortium partners, while the Biodegradable Products Institute and the US Plastics Pact are industrial partners.

Center for the Circular Economy CEO Kate Daly said: “We are delighted to be working with leading brands and retailers, including PepsiCo and the NextGen Consortium partners, as well as with the entire composting value chain, from global brands to composters and packaging manufacturers – to accelerate much needed solutions.

In addition to developing an investment roadmap, the consortium will find appropriate practices to help consumers understand the labeling and collection of compostable packaging.

It will also work together to identify best practices to inform policy making.

The consortium’s advisory partners include the Compost Manufacturing Alliance, the Foodservice Packaging Institute, Google, ReFED, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, TIPA, University College London and the World Wildlife Fund.

PepsiCo’s Global Vice President for Sustainable Packaging and Sustainability Strategy Burgess Davis said, “Building on our initiatives to improve the circularity of compostable packaging, we are delighted to be working towards this goal as a founding partner of the Composting Consortium.

“This unprecedented collaboration with the NextGen Consortium and leading foodservice and consumer goods brands can chart a clear path for compostable packaging, strengthening it as a viable alternative to plastics and preventing it from being overwhelmed. wasted. “

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