Courier’s mistake in delivering drug package leads to imprisonment of trainer, Singapore latest news

A volleyball coach who used the Lalamove courier company to deliver a package containing methamphetamine to a drug addict has been arrested after the delivery man mistakenly sent him to another apartment.

After receiving the package in May last year, a woman alerted the police, who managed to locate Marvin Chew Xuan Han. He was suspended from his coaching duties three months later.

The 37-year-old Singaporean was sentenced to two years in prison yesterday after pleading guilty to one count of drug possession.

He also admitted two charges of drug use.

Deputy Prosecutor Lydia Goh said a man identified as Joo Jian Beng, 35, had already arranged for Lalamove to collect a package of drugs from Chew’s home.

The company’s delivery man was then supposed to take it to Joo’s home, on the fifth floor of a building.

At around 5:30 p.m. on May 4 of last year, Chew handed a paper bag containing the narcotics to the delivery man and paid him $ 12 to complete the task.

Joo was informed by Lalamove later that day that the package had been delivered even though he had not received it.

He called the delivery guy, who said he may have mistakenly delivered it to a unit on the sixth floor.


Joo went to the apartment and asked his occupant to return it to him. She refused and called the police instead.

Joo was brought to justice and sentenced to one year in prison for drug-related offenses.

Officers arrested Chew four days later. Her urine sample contained traces of methamphetamine.

He was charged in court and released on bail when police arrested him again on October 11 last year. Court documents did not reveal the events that led to this second arrest.

Authorities tested his urine sample, which again contained traces of methamphetamine.

On Thursday, Chew was offered $ 15,000 bail and was ordered to go to state courts on November 5 to begin serving his sentence. – THE TIMES OF THE STRAITS

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