Covid tests sent by the government could have problems here in Maine

Brr. It was cold over the weekend. This after we had another pile of snow on Friday.

And the weather wasn’t much better in much of the country. Frost in Texas. Snow in the Midwest. You get the “drift”. Oops, you get the picture.

Remember those Covid tests the feds used to mail us?

We had sign up for themand the page said we would have up to four.

Well, most Covid 19 home test brands recommend storing the tests above 35 degrees.

What’s the temperature in your mailbox in eastern Maine?

Cindy Prins at the University of Florida told USA Today that the

“The liquid reagent inside the cartridge provided with the home tests is susceptible to freezing, and if this happens, the accuracy of the results decreases”

Oh no.

How the one who let this happen? You know you had a job to do and it happens.

Is anyone willing to do the math for the total cost of testing and shipping?

Anyaivanova, Getty Images

Anyaivanova, Getty Images

Read further and you may find that results will depend on how long the wrap has been cold. Not sure we can determine that answer on our own.

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor the darkness of the night prevent these couriers from completing their appointed rounds speedily”

There’s nothing in there about freezing temperatures or us leaving stuff in the mailbox overnight.

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