Creative ways to design your product packaging to attract customers

Even if you have the best product in the world, a customer might choose an alternative product if its packaging is more appealing and appealing. So you need to pay as much attention to the packaging of your product as to the product itself.

Here are some creative ways to design your product packaging to grab the attention of potential customers.

Use a template that fits your product perfectly

Of course, you’ll want your logo and any other relevant branding on your product packaging, but that still leaves plenty of blank space with which you can do more.

A simple but effective idea is to use templates. The right pattern and colors can make your product stand out and attract customers’ attention.

Just be sure to choose a pattern and colors that match your brand perfectly. For example, you can opt for red, white and blue stripes if you sell a product that is proudly American or a Japanese pattern if you sell kimonos.

Try a less used material

You also need to consider the packaging material. You don’t just have the choice of cardboard, paper or plastic.

If you launch a respectful of nature business, the material you use for your packaging becomes even more important.

You can opt for something like hemp. When you opt for more robust and textured packaging, the packaging can automatically become more visible.

Add custom printed patches

If you choose a less used material, you may want to add other design elements to give it more color and a unique identity. Using custom printed patches is ideal.

They can be sewn onto a variety of fabric surfaces and you can create any design you want.

The durable, machine-washable patches are also available in a wide variety of thread colors, so you’re sure to be able to come up with a custom design that works perfectly with the rest of your branding. Your customers could even reuse the patches by sewing them onto clothing or luggage.

Propose a playful design

If your product is aimed at the luxury market, you’ll need to be careful not to go down the playful design route, but in most other cases, a playful design can do wonders for grabbing the attention of potential customers.

You can include a cartoon character on the product packaging or add a fun or interesting slogan. You might even go down the wrong path, depending on what you’re selling.

When you have fun with your design, you make potential customers smile. And as anyone who’s worked in sales knows, making customers smile often leads to purchases.

Be bold or simple in your design

The key to effective product packaging design is finding the right design for your specific product. Sometimes that means it’s better to be bold and other times it’s better to go for a simple design.

Not only should your choice of bold or simple design be based on the product you are selling. It should also be based on the results of market research. You should look at the designs your competitors are using and consider how your product will look next to them on the shelf or on display.

Tell a story

A modern design approach that works well for grabbing the attention of potential customers is the use of a story.

If you are able to tell a story in your packaging, you will pique the interest of customers. For example, you can print the story of how you got the idea for your product on your packaging. Alternatively, if you sell cookies, you can add a short paragraph to the packaging telling people where does the word cookie come from.

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