Current Trends in CBD Beauty Product Packaging

Market research firm Millions of information reported in January 2021 that the global CBD skin care market is expected to reach $ 1.7 billion by 2025. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 32.9% from 2019 to 2025. To be Frankly, any skin care brand that doesn’t fall into that category leaves money on the table. But entering the market is a lot more nuanced than adding CBD to an existing formulation and putting the product in a green box. Product quality and brand promise still reign supreme.

In 2019, the US Department of Labor’s American Time Use Survey found that women account for 70-80% of all consumer purchases in modern households. Women also spent 130 minutes per day on household chores (37% more time than men) and 95 minutes on caring for other family members (almost twice as much as men). Therefore, creating multi-purpose and versatile products for modern women is the key. A skin care product or supplement that also offers the benefits of CBD (anxiety relief, improved sleep, or even sunburn relief) would naturally appeal to that rushed and stressed out shopper.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to speak at Cannabis Women’s Conference. One of the seminars focused on female intimacy products (okay, let’s say it: lubricant) that included CBD in their formulations. My main takeaway from the conference was that packaging or color mattered much less to women than quality. The main concern should be to make sure that your company’s products are made with the best possible ingredients and that you are always attentive to formulations and materials, especially if this product gets into or on its body, or that of its. family.

This doesn’t mean that packaging isn’t a key consideration in your marketing arsenal; It is. While color is the key, it is also subjective. As we mentioned, it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t just make the box pink to show it’s feminine, or green to communicate that it contains CBD.

However, I like to emphasize Apple’s approach. When the brand’s phone palette included silver and space gray, its rose gold hue seemed to appeal to women naturally. If the basic characteristics are the same, the color can make a product much more personal. It can also help if the buyer knows that a product’s color will go well with what they are wearing, especially if, like a phone, it is intended to be an everyday accessory.

Based on a quick, unscientific survey of the aesthetics of CBD beauty product packaging, they currently appear to fall into three general categories that we will call lab, granola, and euro / vintage. The lab adopts the clean, white, or clear modern look of many popular cosmetic brands (think Clinique or Aesop); a perfect solution if the product is seen as part of a complex skin care regimen.

The granola is very earthy, with packaging reminiscent of essential oils or homeopathic remedies with brown paper and glass packaging. Conscious buyers may seek eco-friendly packaging, and women, as caring family buyers, may also be more traditionally empathetic and environmentally conscious.

The Euro / Vintage style features retro prints or heraldic images reminiscent of Liberty of London or even Game of Thrones. It seems to target a younger customer who may also be on trend, or who wants packaging that looks attractive when she takes it out for use in public.

They’re all great, assuming the brand has a solid understanding of their target customers, but the entire packaging message needs to be tailored carefully to the consumer. At Wick & Mortar, we think it’s very important to remember that the average customer is usually in a rush, especially women, and therefore tends to look to brands with clean and minimal packaging.

Simplicity makes critical information easy to find and stands out on a shelf of cartoons and alphabet soups. Our most common customer requests are “Can we add this?” “Or” can we expand? ” It’s understandable. It can be tempting to cram as much as you can onto your packaging, but the key is to understand your customer’s psychology, and that when it comes to packaging design, less is more.

As an example, one of our recent clients, Empower Bodycare Company, came to see us with the aim of improving their brand identity. We started by approaching the typography of the product, looking for something bold and powerful to match the powerful name and benefits of the product. We then created a graphic language integrating the colors and iconography of the brand. All of these steps not only served the goal of enhancing the brand’s identity, they also made the packaging message clearer so that busy shoppers could easily make quick decisions. We then moved on to the packaging design, creating a suite of products that clearly communicated use and function, but would also display well in-store, online, or on the bathroom counter. user.

In the CBD beauty category, as in so many others, keep in mind that it is usually women who make the purchasing decisions. While quality and safety are essential, it’s important to remember that modern women are busier than ever, so creating products that are versatile, wherever possible, goes a long way. Success also depends on creating packaging that is easy to identify and use, and which clearly and succinctly communicates the brand promise and product benefits. In that case, putting the package in a pink and / or green box may be the right thing to do after all.

About the Author: Since 2009, Jared Mirsky and his award-winning cannabis branding and marketing agency, Wick and mortar, have been featured in dozens of magazines, including Entrepreneur Media, Forbes, National Geographic, Wired, Cheddar, Huff Post and CNN Money. Mirsky continues to shape an industry and is now a regular contributor to Forbes, High Times, Entrepreneur, and The Fresh Toast. Rebranding Cannabis is its mission, and it aims to accomplish this by helping educate the industry on the power of successful branding in the cannabis space and the impact it has on the world.

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