Eco-friendly food packaging maker QQ Studio improves sales of its brands in Singapore

Singapore, SG – Food packaging manufacturer and brand distributor, QQ Studio, has been helping companies improve their sales for years. The company specializes in custom print orders (CPO), custom made orders (CMO) and custom design orders (CDO) for multiple brands, catering to the packaging needs of health and beauty processors, medical and pharmaceutical, agricultural and food, as well as a wide range of retail outlets.

As a brand broadcaster, QQ Studio understands the influence of brand and packaging on consumer decisions. So they have mastered the art of brand design and production, giving their customers a better chance to appeal to their target customers, thereby improving their sales and generating more revenue for the growth of the business.

Manufacturers in all industries can now count on the QQ Studio team to help them with all types of packaging needs, whether they are interested in a product line or family packaging. The QQ Studio team works closely with each client, ensuring that their target audience is at the center of their packaging designs.

Describing what they offer on the QQ Studio Singapore website, Fairy said, “We provide a full range of pouch styles, including standing stock, flat base, side gusset, flat bottom box) and in roll with featured paper products. kraft pouch, bill pouch, poly foil pouch, etc. available for your choice. Our sophisticated printing capabilities, backed by FDA-approved food-grade materials, will ensure your graphics appear exceptionally vibrant and your food packaging bags reliable. Our dedicated project team will work one-on-one with you to ensure your pre-formed pouches are fully customized for your packaging needs.

Many merchants and brand owners who have chosen QQ Studio for their packaging production needs have attested to the impact of their solutions in generating recurring sales for their businesses. The company has experience with customers in the food industry, including those producing snacks, tea, coffee, nuts, candies, cookies, etc. They also have experience working with and growing consumer demands for pet food suppliers, electronics manufacturers, as well as companies in the chemical industry.

Manufacturers interested in sustainable packaging can also contribute positively to the environment by choosing QQ Studio for their packaging needs. The company is focused on providing eco-friendly, cost-effective and refreshing packaging designs that build brand loyalty while improving sales and revenue.

QQ Studio uses materials such as polyester film (PET), cast polypropylene (CPP), low density polyethylene (LDPE), vacuum metallized cast propylene (VMCPP), vacuum metallized polyester film (VMPET), l aluminium, kraft paper, RCPP, BOPP and MOPP.

QQ Studio is headquartered at 10 Ubi Crescent UBI TECHPARK Lobby D #05-74, Singapore. For more information, visit their website or contact them by email. [email protected]

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