Foodpanda HK reaches consensus with couriers ending conflict and strike

Foodpanda Hong Kong reached an agreement with its couriers on paid plans yesterday, and the company’s fleet will resume operations on Friday.

In a statement, foodpanda Hong Kong said the company had reached an agreement on the requests. According to a report from the South China Morning Post, after a seven-hour meeting on Thursday at its headquarters in Sheung Wan, foodpanda Hong Kong announced that it had reached consensus with couriers, promising to improve the salary package for runners and manage problems. with its application. However, the two sides did not disclose details of the terms agreed upon.

The company said, “As a technology company at the heart of our business, we have engineers in place who work hard every day to make application improvements to improve the experience for all of our stakeholders, including couriers. We were already aware of some of the app-related improvements discussed before. ongoing conversations, and we would like to note that many of the solutions we came up with were already in the works for deployment. “

Foodpanda Hong Kong operations manager Pedro Dias said the company would find solutions to the issues raised by couriers. The report also said that Dias admitted that some of the issues discussed at meetings on Tuesday and Thursday concerned poor communication between the company and its passenger fleet.

“These operational details are complex and involve many processes and areas of consideration for both the riders and the company. We are doing our best to satisfy as much as possible and we can assure you that we are moving at full speed to complete the better delivery experience for our couriers and their more competitive revenues, ”the company added.

One of the couriers’ representatives said the company provided them with a very good package and the representatives did their best to get what they wanted. The representative also said additional measures would come into force next month. He called on his fellow couriers to return to work on Friday before announcing the end of the strike.

Looking ahead, foodpanda Hong Kong said it will hold regular meetings with fleet members to exchange views, hoping to continually improve the overall customer experience with the fleet.

Last weekend, some couriers went on strike to protest the drop in ordering fees this year. A Ming Pao The report says eight courier representatives met with management on Tuesday, raising 15 demands, including putting in place minimum order fees, improving the order allocation system and setting a deadline for picking up deliveries. . The two sides held talks until after midnight Wednesday, but no agreement was reached. However, courier representatives said that the company’s management showed goodwill, however, they did not agree to implement a minimum order fee.

More than 300 foodpanda couriers went on strike on Saturday as foodpanda Hong Kong slashed the delivery charge for each order by HK $ 10 throughout the year. For example, couriers who deliver food on foot saw their payments drop from HK $ 35 to HK $ 24 per order, while couriers using their motorcycles saw their payment drop from HK $ 55 to HK $ 44. A courier representative said he could earn up to HK $ 1,000 a day in August. However, after the adjustment, his income decreased to around HK $ 700 per day.

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