“Global horticultural growth requires regular analyzes of water, soil and crop”

“The number of greenhouse horticulture samples at Eurofins Agro has increased significantly in recent years. As a Horti Business Unit, we have invested a lot in professionalization, so it is time to continue as an independent business line under a recognizable name ”, says Theo Aanhane, director of the new business line. He launches the name of the independent division: “Eurofins Horti”.

Aanhane says: “The head office of Eurofins Horti is and will remain located in Wageningen, because that is where the laboratories are located. From Wageningen, Horti customer service assists domestic and foreign producers with all kinds of practical questions. A mesh network of samplers and couriers takes care of sampling in the Netherlands and transporting the samples to Wageningen.

Jan Hardeman, Joris Driessen, Annelies Mosch, Theo Aanhane and Kal Subramanian

“Internationally, Eurofins Horti is also working hard. A dealer network has been set up and there is close cooperation with a growing number of Eurofins service laboratories. In most cases, samples are still transported to the Netherlands by couriers. In China, samples are analyzed locally, after which advice is linked to data in the Netherlands – a great example of fast, modern and automated service. ”

Ready for the future
Theo Aanhane: “Over the past four years we have worked very hard to ‘get our house in order’ and to respond to new developments in the industry. We have invested in modern equipment, new systems and new analysis packages. Research packages, such as PlantsapCheck, and Organic Fertilizer Analysis are good examples of our response to changing and new customer demands. We also have the BodemlevenMonitor research package, as attention to soil life and resilience is increasingly important with the reduction of chemicals. Finally, we have entered into a partnership with the 30MHz data platform, thus offering producers the possibility of making the most of their analysis data.

“It’s not just equipment and methods that we’ve invested in,” he says. “We also paid a lot of attention to our Horti team. We have hired a number of new people and we also spend a lot of time learning new knowledge by training our employees. That way we have a knowledgeable team that knows what’s going on on the pitch. “

“We are ready for the future, and that includes a new name,” concludes Aanhane. “Around the world, food production in glass and plastic greenhouses is growing, and in open cultivation, precision fertilization via an irrigation system linked to an A and B bucket is also increasingly common. . Such investments require regular analyzes of water, soil and crops. Eurofins Horti provides these analyzes and the associated advice. In the years to come, we will continue to develop, certainly internationally.

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