Google, Peloton, and Microsoft have some of the best advantages


Faced with the rising cost of living and the uncertainty created by pandemic in progress, workers across America are looking for companies that offer relevant and solid benefits.

It also means that if employers don’t offer competitive advantages and advantages, they risk losing talent. According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trend 2020 report, top-rated companies for compensation and benefits had a 56% lower attrition rate. The OC Tanner Institute’s Global Culture Report noted that 59% of employees would quit their current jobs if they were offered a similar position with similar pay and benefits at another company.

What should employers consider adding to their benefits offerings? Comparatively, a company that provides culture and compensation data to public and private companies, has completed its year-long survey, asking employees of 70,000 North American companies about the quality of their benefits, they say. whether it be mental health assistance, comprehensive health care packages, or abundant vacation days. The end results in – here are 10 companies with 500 or more employees with the highest rated perks and perks.

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