“Hermès lost a £1,000 painting I was donating to charity”

Sally says:

I receive many complaints about courier packages going missing and I share your opinion that their disappearance without explanation is not acceptable as it can only undermine trust in these services.

Although some packages inevitably go missing, especially during the peak of the Christmas rush, I felt Hermès could do more to help recover it or compensate for the loss.

Hermes automatically provides insurance cover with its standard offer, but it’s set at just £20, which in no way reflects the value of your impression. Customers can choose to pay for additional cover, but only up to a maximum of £300. This is why Hermès is one of the cheapest services. In for money.

The charity organizer who organized the collection of your painting told me that she had never used a courier before and had simply chosen Hermès after researching the best delivery companies online. She was unaware of the insurance limits.

Hermès told him that the quickest way to resolve the situation was to “contact the retailer/shipper of the package who will explain their options, which may include a refund or replacement.” This was not an option as there was no money exchanged and you had no other painting to donate to the charity.

I contacted Hermès to put it in the picture and add my consumer champion weight to your complaint. I’m happy to say that it didn’t take long for him to agree to your compensation. A spokesperson said: ‘We have been in contact with the customer to apologise. We have given him £1000 to donate to this great charity and will continue to search for his painting.

It’s generally a good idea to consider paying extra when sending high value items. Adam French, consumer rights expert at Which?, said: “You can get extra protection with most couriers if you take out insurance or pay for delivery methods that include additional liability cover – like delivery Registered from Royal Mail. I urge people to read the terms to make sure they know exactly what is and isn’t covered.

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