Jabil ventures into the packaging of sustainable products

ST. PETERSBURG – Jabil launches initiative to bring new lines of sustainable product packaging, such as plastic bottles made from resins designed for easier recycling, composting and biodegradability, to companies that sell a wide range of consumer goods.

As a global manufacturer of electronics, data centers, medical devices, home appliances, and more, Jabil is perhaps best known for its products inside the box, but it has an entire division dedicated to packaging, including a packaging innovation center in Tortosa, Spain. This week, this division unveiled a new line of sustainable packaging services to help companies that sell packaged products, from food to shampoos, meet consumer demands and regulations for less harmful packaging. environment.

To do this, Jabil, headquartered in St. Petersburg but with more than 200,000 employees in 100 facilities in 29 countries, works with companies like Danimer Scientific in Bainbridge, Georgia. For over a decade, Danimer has developed a biopolymer that can be used to make biodegradable and compostable plastic products. It does this by giving vegetable oil to the bacteria in the soil during a fermentation process that takes about two weeks.

“The beauty of this whole process is that the microorganism is the factory,” Stephen Croskrey, CEO of Danimer Scientific, said on a conference call. “The way it works, the bacteria consume vegetable oil and convert it into stored energy reserves when they have enough to eat.… I explain it as insect fat. It’s like when we do. eat too much, we have stored energy reserves in our fat. So when we open up the cell wall and extract this stored energy reserve, it is plastic resin. We do nothing after that, other than cleaning it. “

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For companies producing consumer packaged goods, “there has never been a greater challenge than transitioning to a truly sustainable business model,” said Jason Paladino, vice president of technology for Jabil Packaging Solutions. Achieving the change will require “a new level of partnership and collaboration across the supply chain.”

Jabil Packaging Solutions therefore offers three new services focused on:

• Design of packaging products.

• Evaluate factors such as a product’s carbon footprint and recyclability as well as its production requirements, and

• Material sourcing taking into account price, performance and supply chain optimization.

Jabil aims to provide a single source of expertise in all areas of sustainable packaging development to a market that includes food and beverage, home care and personal care customers. This, according to the company, should reduce the complexity of working with multiple vendors and design houses, speed up the time it takes to design, create and deliver new products to market, and reduce the risk that new packaging formats fail. not to respond to the industry. design guidelines.

“We will partner with our suppliers to develop the most optimized solutions to bring the most cost effective and efficient solutions to the market,” said Paladino.

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