Kannur police arrest Afzal and his wife Balkis with drugs worth Rs 1.5 crores

In Kannur, Kerala, a couple have been arrested in one of the biggest drug deals in the state. The accused had approximately 2 kg of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), 7.5 grams of opium and 7 grams of brown sugar in his possession. Afzal (33) and his wife Balkis (31) were apprehended of Muzhappilangad.

Following a tip from Kannur City Police Commissioner R Elango, Kannur City Police Inspector Sreejith Koderi and his team caught the two at Thekkibazar Parcel Office. Police said the drugs were worth more than Rs 1.5 crore.

According to the city’s police commissioner, R Elango, the drugs were brought on a bus from Bangalore. Afzal and Balkis went to the postal service office in Thekki Bazaar on the afternoon of March 6 to pick up the package that had arrived on the bus.

The city’s police commissioner said they are also looking into their clientele. After a night of interrogation by the SP, their statement was recorded.

According to R. Krishnan, the Kannur City Police Commissioner, information has been obtained that the drugs are smuggled into the Kannur area via parcels and couriers. They will soon begin a detailed investigation into this.

As part of the MDMA seizure, tourist bus drivers were interviewed. The city’s police commissioner, on the other hand, told reporters that no evidence had been found to suggest they were involved in narcotics trafficking.

According to reports, Defendant Balkis had another drug case at Edakkad Police Station, according to District Police Commissioner Elango R. Both Afzal and Balkis used WhatsApp to trace the drug addicts. After checking the sale to the needy, they used to pack up minor items and then put them on the side of the road at the place they were told, after which the customer would pick them up.

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