Launch of FACHPACK 2021 for the new Coveris food packaging solution

Coveris collaborated with the Austrian paper manufacturer Brigl & Bergmeister to develop PaperBarrier Seal, a packaging material for the food market that he says is fully recyclable and sustainably sourced, which will be unveiled exclusively at FACHPACK 2021.

According to Coveris, the new PaperBarrier Seal solution is part of its NO WASTE initiative. It would reduce both packaging and product waste while providing the same functionality and product safety as existing alternatives, including plastic packaging.

The company adds that the PaperBarrier Seal is a paper-based material with a paper coating that apparently allows sealability, while still being recyclable into existing paper streams. The material is available in three versions with different barrier properties: moisture, oxygen, grease and mineral oils.

Jakob A. Mosser, CEO of Coveris Group, said: “With the launch of PaperBarrier Seal, Coveris expands its portfolio to another sustainable packaging alternative applicable to a wide variety of dried fruits, cereals, candies, snacks and even chocolate products.

“This new development was also a logical step in Coveris’ NO WASTE strategy, which focuses on the disposal of product waste from production and operations, applying recycling and second life approaches. “

In addition, the PaperBarrier Seal solution offers production efficiencies comparable to standard packaging, according to the company.

Bernhard Mumelter, Group Innovation Manager at Coveris, adds: “Thanks to the support of our colleagues at the Coveris Pack innovation center in Halle, we have successfully tested the new paper material on standard VFFS packaging lines. and HFFS and confirmed a production speed of up to 200 products per minute.

“This proves that the new PaperBarrier Seal solution can bring real added value to food brands looking for sustainable packaging alternatives that improve the visibility of their products on the shelves. “

Coveris says the PaperBarrier Seal solution took over two years to deliver due to “extensive” validation and testing, supported by its partnership with Brigl & Bergmeister.

Thomas Fabian, Director of Global Business Development at Brigl & Bergmeister, comments: “It would not be possible to achieve this success in such a short period of time without the combination of the paper and processing know-how of both companies, which should be a good practice for future developments.

PaperBarrier Seal will be launched at FACHPACK 2021 at the Nuremberg Trade Fair, from 28e to 30e September. Experts from Coveris and Brigl & Bergmeister will be available to share details of the new packaging solution.

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