Lucas Oil Unveils Updated Product Packaging

Lucas Oil Products announced the rollout of customer-centric QR codes across the line of racing, daily car care, motorcycle, marine and industrial products.

Lucas Oil says its new smart QR code packaging offers a simple and effective improvement to the customer experience, allowing the company to offer customers instant access to relevant product details, including:

performance information

Complementary products

· Environmental and ecological information

Disposal Considerations

Formulation and chemical properties

Information on handling, transport and storage

“We are delighted that Lucas Oil is among the first in our industry to include QR codes on packaging for our entire product line,” said Morgan Lucas, President of Lucas Oil. “In addition to providing instant access to practical product information, we are excited to expand the information available to include rich media and videos featuring our in-house experts and the many professional mechanics, race teams, retailers and everyday automotive enthusiasts who rely on our products every day.

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