Man accused of multiple scams targeting seniors in northern Alabama

NORTH ALABAMA – A man has been charged with several crimes in connection with several “grandparent scams” in northern Alabama.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said MPs were called in with a theft report at a Lacey’s Spring home on October 4.

An older man told MPs he was called by someone claiming to be his grandson, saying he was arrested following a car accident. Then, in a twist on the classic “grandparents scam”, a man claiming to be his “grandson’s” lawyer called and demanded two cash payments – $ 18,000 and $ 56,000.

The “lawyer” said a courier would come to the house to pick up the packages, and a courier picked up both.

The next day, the “lawyer” called back and asked for an additional $ 50,000 in cash.

The sheriff’s office said the Criminal Investigation Division was alerted to the call and moved to the area to stop the mail.

Investigators arrested the courier, an Uber driver who had been dispatched to collect a package.

The driver cooperated with investigators and the sheriff’s office contacted Uber, later identifying a suspect.

Around this time, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office contacted investigators from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, informing them that a similar scam was happening in Madison County.

Kino Deandre Roper, 26, was arrested and charged with several crimes for the scams.

Roper was incarcerated in Madison County Jail for four first-degree robberies for deception.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said he also had an arrest warrant for Roper – with a $ 500,000 bond pending – and jail records suggest Roper may have outstanding charges with the Athens police, the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI in connection with the scams as well.

Several departments assisted the Madison and Morgan County Sheriff’s Offices:

  • FBI Violent Crime Task Force
  • American Secret Service
  • Athens Police
  • Huntsville Police
  • Homewood Police
  • Limestone County Sheriff’s Office

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has warned of the new twist on the classic “grandparents scam”.

Seniors scams affect many people in our region. Scams often involve calls from someone claiming to be a lawyer representing a family member who needs money for bail or legal fees. These scammers can be cunning and can tell you that there is a legal gag order in place and not to contact anyone else about the incident. They will ask you for a large amount of money and tell you that they will send someone to your house to collect it. Often times they will contact you a second time claiming that the gag order has been violated and your family member needs additional funds. These scammers often call using prepaid phones and use courier or carpooling services to coordinate the pickup. It is extremely important that you discuss these types of fraudulent calls with your loved ones.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has also encouraged anyone who may have been the victim of the scam to contact their local police department or the sheriff’s office.

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