MEYLE announces redesigned product packaging

Following the recent MEYLE relaunch of the brand, MEYLE AG presented its new product packaging. From June 2017, the first products will be shipped in redesigned boxes. In addition to synchronizing the design features of the brand, the new MEYLE product boxes also incorporate some functional improvements. Thanks to visual cues, customers will now know at a glance whether the box contains a MEYLE-ORIGINAL, MEYLE-PD or MEYLE HD product. In addition to the standard MEYLE part number, the shipping label now also displays the new, self-explanatory MEYLE short number as well as a QR code.

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In addition to giving the boxes of MEYLE products a new look, the new design includes a few features that enhance the value. Coded as intuitive icons, all product benefits are displayed out of the box, allowing customers to see all key information about the purchased product at a glance. While product details shown on box labels were previously only available in German, English and Russian, they will now also be displayed in French, Polish and Spanish. All product boxes are locked with the corresponding MEYLE ORIGINAL, MEYLE PD or MEYLE HD seal and offer enhanced tactile properties. The QR code printed on the label links directly to the corresponding product page in the online catalog where customers will find additional information, including product reference numbers, assembly instructions and leaflets.

In addition to the MEYLE reference, the redesigned labels will also display the new, self-explanatory MEYLE short number. The speed dial system has been developed to provide an additional product identification option and facilitate communication about spare parts between the manufacturer, dealers and repair shops.

The new MEYLE short number also makes it possible to place orders for spare parts because its architecture allows precise identification of any item in the MEYLE range. The MEYLE short number is the next step in the company’s strategy to optimize its logistics performance. Operating a 29,000 square meter (312,153.4 square foot) logistics center at its Hamburg headquarters, MEYLE achieves benchmark parts availability for its entire 23,000 item range.

“As a ‘DRIVER’S BEST FRIEND’, MEYLE stands for expertise, quality and service,” said André Sobottka, MEYLE board member in charge of sales, marketing and communications. “The redesigned packaging design as well as the MEYLE short number system are tangible results of our value proposition. They make it easier for our customers to identify, find and order MEYLE parts, helping them to streamline their product handling processes.

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