Mini human hologram from product packaging

Information, advice from an innovative digital concierge, according to Immertia

Geelong, Australia – A fascinating future where shoppers can talk about products on the shelf virtually is drawing closer with the development of a new concept that adds a human hologram to product packaging.

A prototype, developed by tech giant Immertia, uses augmented reality to project the ultra-realistic hologram from the product packaging.

A video demonstrating the hologram concept shows a smartphone activating a female pint-sized hologram, scanning the packaging.

Immertia CEO Dave Chaffey said the response to the revolutionary concept had been overwhelming.

“The prototype we are presenting today is fascinating. You will see that there is a person, a hologram, inside the package, waiting to provide information and advice on the product. She can provide information in English or Spanish.
“It has been a real stumbling block for us so far. You can see people’s responses – just pure amazement. “

The packaging industry plays a key role
Chaffey sees a bright future for the packaging and consumer goods industries and is excited about the potential of new technologies coming to the industry.

“There is brilliant work going on – great technology, which adds value for consumers and keeps brands connected. Over time, these concepts will change the way we shop.

“Packaging will become even more important in the purchasing decision process. The packaging industry has an important role to play in guiding new technologies.

How it works
Consumers use their smartphones to scan and activate the packaging. The augmented reality hologram is then viewed through the camera, where it offers product information and advice.

Beyond the initial surprise, the holographic woman offers a simple and intuitive way to receive information. The trust factor will be a major barrier for consumers, and the concept has been developed with this in mind.

“The vision is to bring real people into the mix,” Chaffey said. “Confident faces, a friendly doctor, pharmacist or celebrity might as well be in this place.”

The hologram is supported by a range of multimedia content and provides information and content virtually – the concept is mind blowing.

“It’s more than a cool concept – there’s a bigger perspective here – we create an environment where all the information about a product, – advice, instructions, advice, all comes from the product itself. “

“This way of thinking is also intuitive, when you need to know something about a product, you go straight to the source”
“We are still a long way from reaching the general public, but we are demonstrating a tangible solution, without barriers for the consumer. This is quite an important thing.

The business applications are huge, with user cases in food and beverage, manufacturing, healthcare, education and more.

According to Chaffey, a video of the concept posted on social media contacted three pharmaceutical giants and a number of interested agencies.

Immertia has announced an accelerated time to market and is launching a call for expressions of interest from investors for an early equity issue. The company currently has two augmented reality platforms in the market.

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