Morrisons shoppers upset after spotting ‘intimidating’ details on food packaging

The Big Six Morrisons supermarket chain has found itself in hot water with some buyers – and it’s all down to the design of some of its packaging.

The division began when a buyer claimed to feel “upset” by an “intimidating” design on a package of porridge.

And now Anne Hegerty, also known as The Governess in ITV’s The Chase, has gotten involved.

According to Express, the original tweet that started the thread was posted by a user who asked why Morrisons felt the need to start making all of his food ‘patriotic’, as he shared a photo of his Union-tagged eggs Jack.

Another user commented on his sighting on a recent trip to the UK supermarket when he felt “very upset” by the Mornflake porridge on display which included a Union Jack on the packaging.

The user shared a photo of the cereal aisle and typed: “Very upset with the porridge I saw at Morrison’s.

“This reporting everything is very obnoxious and quite intimidating.”

Another user retweeted this message and typed: “Please tell me this is a parody account. Intimidated by s ** ding porridge.

Anne wondered, given her 151,000 subscribers, whether the original author of the post was upset by the Irish mark on Flahavans’ porridge box, or just Mornflake’s with a picture of the Union Jack.

Morrisons Butter also has a picture of the Union Jack on its packaging

She said, “Is it Irish porridge that bothers them, or does that only apply to British porridge?”

The person who had retweeted the ‘pissed off’ user’s comments replied: ‘Whereas people who get upset about such things often have Irish tricolors and Scottish necklaces in their bio (with flags from the EU), I doubt it.

Anne said: “I usually buy the private label version of almost everything. “

Contacted by Manchester Evening News, Morrisons declined to comment.

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