Online shoppers suffer from ‘green guilt’ for their deliveries

Hermes builds on its sustainability and ethics program as research finds a third of online shoppers worry about greening their delivery

As the UK continues to shop online, despite restrictions being lifted and stores remaining open, many are concerned about the impact of deliveries on the planet.

Research into sustainable deliveries has been commissioned by Hermes, the UK’s largest parcel delivery company, as it continues to build on its recent environmental, social and governance commitments.

It polled 2,000 adults about their online shopping habits, with data revealing almost half (48%) say a delivery is the “highlight of their day”, with four in ten (41% ) admitting they order more online but wish there was a more sustainable process.

Nancy Hobhouse, Head of Environment, Social and Governance at Hermes, said: “We know that sustainability is a priority when shopping online and that delivery is a concern for customers.

2,000 adults were surveyed about their online shopping habits

2,000 adults were surveyed about their online shopping habits

“The pandemic has changed the way we shop, and the shift to online shopping looks set to continue.

“As a responsible carrier, we recognize our impact on the environment and the role we must play in being as sustainable as possible.

“That’s why we’ve invested in our fleet to have vehicles running on greener fuels at every stage of delivery, and we’re committed to testing innovative low-carbon ways to deliver parcels, such as by bicycle eCargo or by foot couriers.

“However, we know there is still much to do and we will continue to innovate as part of our broader commitment to sustainability and ethics.”

Nearly a third of adults admit to being “obsessed” with buying items online because of the convenience of having something delivered, the thrill of a delivery (35%) and the ease of working at home (32%).

And while shoppers can control how they shop sustainably, by avoiding low-quality items that are bad for the environment (51%), looking for brands that work sustainably (46%) and grouping purchases (45%) as the main means they buy greener they worry about delivery.

Over a quarter (27%) suffer from green guilt about having items delivered and over a third (35%) worry about the quality of their delivery. Six in ten adults (59%) don’t know how to be more environmentally friendly when having items delivered or returned.

With nearly three-quarters (73%) of adults expecting the delivery company to act in the most environmentally friendly way, Hermès highlights how it is taking steps to be greener at every step of the way. the delivery.

This is all part of the Hermes ESG strategy, which was launched in October 2021, and aims to reduce its impact on the planet, promote equality and fairness, and increase the transparency of its operations.

The research also revealed that shoppers are also aware of how returning items can impact sustainability.

Hermes highlights how it's taking steps to be greener at every stage of delivery

Hermes highlights how it’s taking steps to be greener at every stage of delivery

In fact, 28% said they would be less likely to return an item because they know returning it could have a negative impact on the planet and over two-fifths (43%) wish there was an easier and more more environmentally friendly to pack and return items.

Hermes offers unboxed returns at select UK Parcelshops.

Customers can take their return item to a ParcelShop where staff will pack it in an FSC-approved eco-friendly bag and consolidate it into containers, reducing the number of driver collections and CO2 emissions, as well as ‘packaging.

Nancy Hobhouse added: “The responsibility lies with us to ensure that we deliver to our customers and customers in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

That’s why we offer various services such as parcel-free returns at selected Parcelshops and the ability to collect or return parcels at local stores, which reduces CO2 emissions. We will continue to push our agenda forward to be as sustainable as possible.”

For more information on Hermès’ ESG commitments, click here:

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