Product packaging essentials: what brands need to know

The way brands market their products has changed dramatically in recent years. Most businesses have turned to e-commerce to sell their products.

In addition, the demand for product packaging solutions is increasing due to logistics and shipping processes and the desire to create a single point of customer contact.

According to a Mordor’s Intelligence Report, the packaging market will reach $ 61.55 billion by 2025.

Product packaging is more than the container

The packaging is not only used to protect products during shipping, but it is also used as a marketing opportunity. Product packaging is an important aspect of your brand that can impact the experience and loyalty of your customers.

However, many companies fail to see the strong connection between product packaging and branding. If your product packaging design is not done well, it will not reach its full potential, no matter how good your product is.

While it is important that the packaging protects the product, companies can also create branded packaging to improve brand awareness, increase sales and profitability, and delight and / or impress customers.

The product packaging process includes a thoughtful selection of packaging materials and how you will present your product to consumers in the best possible way.

The packaging sums up the first impression of your brand on customers. It must stand out and be memorable.

Product packaging – the silent salesperson in retail

Product packaging is important for physical and online retailers. There may be a thousand brands in your industry that have the same offerings as your business, but you can still stand out from the crowd with the packaging.

With online retailers, customers have limited practical experience of the products before purchasing. Packaging can help online retailers engage their audiences, win customers over, and build strong buyer loyalty.

Studies show that when online merchants invest in premium packaging, almost half (40%) of their consumers typically come back and make repeat purchases. With smart and eye-catching packaging, you show that your brand is serious in its business. Customers will also be more excited to receive your product.

In addition, people today like to share their experiences on social networks. If your packaging is attractive, of high quality, and manages to get customers excited or impressed, they will share it on their social media, which is great for your brand / product visibility and sales.

People can also document themselves “unpacking“your product. This type of user-generated content fuels tremendous growth, sales and advertising success as your brand and products are widely shared among different audiences.

What to consider when choosing a product packaging design

To grab the attention of your customers and increase the chances of retaining your customers, you need to create a product packaging design that stands out. Here are some things you need to consider when designing your packaging to create an effective design that will truly appeal to customers:

  • Stability – Choose the right materials that can safely hold and transport your product. You can choose from materials like paper, aluminum, glass, flexible packaging or rigid packaging.
  • Branding – Use custom color combinations, images and typography to make your brand easily identifiable.
  • Legalities Make sure your product packaging meets the regulations in your jurisdiction. If your product is edible, add the expiration dates. If your product is electric, include voltage and usage warnings.
  • Durability – Whenever possible, choose environmentally friendly packaging. The market today offers tons of sustainable packaging options, from recycled plastics to biodegradable packaging peanuts.
  • Information – Showcase compelling and informative packaging copy in your products. You can add eye-catching slogans, allergy information, product instructions, and even QR codes.

For a deep dive into creating and designing the best packaging for your brand, check out the infographic below from Meyers. It will serve you product packaging guide, introducing the different types of product packaging, notable product packaging characteristics, types of printing for packaging, and how to put together your product packaging idea.


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