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GEELONG, Australia, September 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A Revolutionary Concept That Turns Ordinary Product Packaging Into The New Connection Channel For Brands And Their Fans, Will Change Shopping Forever, Says Digital Marketing Expert, Dave chaffey.

Immertia, the tech start-up led by Chaffey, is leading the charge towards that future and today released a prototype demo video that features a pint-sized human hologram, providing insight inside. ‘a packaging container.

You can watch the demonstration video of immertia website.

The remarkable spectacle is enthralling, yet unnerving

“The prototype we’re showing today is fascinating. You will see that there is a person, a hologram, inside the package, waiting to provide information and advice. In English or Spanish.”

It has been an absolute spectacle for us so far. You can see people’s responses – just pure amazement. “

Technology practically at your fingertips
In Chaffey’s vision for the near future, customers with product questions won’t have to wait without paying a salesperson’s attention, they’ll just ask for the product! And the product will respond.!

Any question you can think of to ask, will be answered, by a little human, from inside the box.

It sounds far-fetched, but the Chaffey team demonstrated a solution last year, where a wine bottle fitted with their technology, was asked questions, such as “where is your wine coming from?”

Besides tripping over to describe the prosciutto, it was perfect.

How it works
The concept is powered by ultra-realistic augmented reality, which is why it’s hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t.

Consumers use their smartphones to activate the packaging, then view the hologram through their cameras. The hologram is only part of the concept, and the other elements are just as mind-boggling.

“The technology is really smart, you can get product information, advice, instructions, all from the product itself. It’s intuitive too, when you need to know something, you go straight to it. to the source”

“We’re still a long way from reaching the general public, but we’re demonstrating a tangible, barrier-free solution for the consumer. That’s a pretty big thing.”

The business applications are huge, with user cases in food and beverage, manufacturing, healthcare, education and more.

This is why the Company calls on potential investors to support a capital increase and finance an immediate entry into the market. The Company currently has two augmented reality platforms in the market and capacity for growth. This space will be to watch

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