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Question: I would like to ask if I am legally required to keep boxes of products for warranty purposes. Many establishments specify that the box must be kept during the warranty period for it to remain valid.

The products we buy can be covered by two types of guarantees: the mandatory two-year legal guarantee and the commercial guarantee, which is voluntarily given by the seller.

In order for a consumer to claim recourse under the two-year legal warranty, it is not necessary to keep the box. If a product is found to be defective, the consumer must avail himself of the remedies provided by law as proof of purchase.

On the other hand, the commercial guarantee is a voluntary guarantee given by the sellers and may be subject to special conditions.

Since the law states that the commercial guarantee, when granted, should put consumers in a more advantageous position than that established by law and should not prejudice other remedies available under another law, if a commercial warranty states that consumers lose the right to a warranty remedy if they do not keep the box, such a condition is not legally enforceable.

Thus, consumers can still avail themselves of the commercial guarantee even if they have not kept the original packaging of the product.

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