Retailers offering empty food packaging from McDonald’s The BTS Meal up to RM60 online

Resellers are taking advantage of the current craze for McDonald’s The BTS Meal in Malaysia by offering its used food packaging for sale on e-commerce sites.

A to look for on Shopee showed that a seller offers a BTS meal set with an empty paper bag, paper cup, nugget box and two sauces for RM 59.90. The list explained that the sauces will expire in August 2021 and that the set does not contain any other foods.

Other sellers also offer the same set of items between RM15 and RM21.90, with some even offering free BTS products.

Meanwhile, on Carousell, sellers are also offer McDonald’s The BTS Meal food packaging is between RM10-25.

One seller quoted the price of a paper bag for RM50 while another offered the paper cup for RM35. These items are described as “limited edition,” with a vendor offering to iron the creases in the paper bag.

According to a report Through the Vocket website, numerous Twitter posts showed how fans were turning the BTS Meal packaging into keepsakes or keepsakes, with some framing the paper bag or enclosing the whole in a clear plastic box.

Released yesterday (May 26) in Malaysia and several other countries, The BTS Meal presents the K-pop group’s signature order which includes a 10-piece box of nuggets, a medium fries and a medium Coke with sweet chilli and dip. cajun sauces. Each order comes packaged in BTS-themed packaging that features the band’s logo and signature color.

According to an official McDonald’s article Facebook page, Malaysia is the first Asian country to officially launch The BTS Meal on May 26, ahead of Singapore and even the boy band’s home country, South Korea, where it is slated for release on May 27.

It has been reported that fans have formed long lines at McDonald’s outlets in Malaysia to purchase the items, which has raised some concerns about social distancing measures during the ongoing pandemic.

Sibu Division Disaster Management Committee (SDDMC) Coordinator Dr Annuar Rapaee said on Facebook that he had received frontline messages that were upset with people queuing for long hours, apparently without proper social distancing, at the outlets of the fast food chain.

Some users too share that McDonald’s online delivery website was facing high traffic on the release day of BTS Meal and had to be placed in virtual waiting rooms to place their orders.

The fast food chain has listed the BTS meal order starting at RM17.83 on its website and it is available until June 16.

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