Salto introduces the EAN code standard in product packaging

SALTO Systems has introduced standardized EAN13 barcodes in its product packaging to meet partner and channel needs. The EAN code is a 13-digit bar code used internationally to identify each product. International Article Number (also known as European Article Number or EAN) is a standard describing a barcode symbology and numbering system used in global trade to identify a specific SALTO product model, in a specific packaging configuration, with a unique identification number.

The use of EAN codes on SALTO products will allow partners and installers to identify and distribute SALTO products and reduce the margin of error within their own channels. One of the main benefits of standardization through product codes is improved warehousing processes and product tracking. The EAN code will allow SALTO and its partners to obtain valuable information about SALTO products, and to optimize inventory management, product information, operations, or even improve competitiveness.

The introduction of EAN13 codes will facilitate the sale and distribution of SALTO products through the channel. EAN codes make it easy and quick to distinguish one SALTO product model from others. These numbers are unique and describe product attributes via identification marks. They can represent details such as:

  • The type of lock, cylinder or reader model
  • Technological compatibility
  • Price, weight or color
  • Maker
  • Postal code
  • Other product data

Standardized EAN13 barcodes will be gradually adopted across SALTO’s full product range.

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