Shopee removes buyer’s phone number from courier packages


Shopee updated its Air Waybill (AWB) policy to remove buyers’ phone numbers from being displayed on courier packages. The rule, which came into effect on October 21, is part of Shopee’s efforts to increase customer privacy by protecting their data, or at least some of it.

Usually, all of your information would be displayed on the AWB, which is the label on your package that contains your name, phone number, address, and seller information. With the new policy, the buyer’s phone number will be omitted from the AWB. That being said, Shopee says couriers can still look up your number through their own system if they need to contact you for delivery.

[Image: Shopee Malaysia.]

Out of seven logistics partners supported by Shopee, the new policy sort of only applies to J&T Express and Ninja Van at the moment. With even Shopee’s own in-house logistics arm apparently exempt from this new rule, the platform does not mention whether it will be extended to other logistics providers in the near future.

The policy documentation also states that the AWB for Pos Laju and City-Link Express will continue to display the buyer’s phone number. Ultimately, however, you may want to make a habit of checking the AWB details of your package and removing any personal information before throwing it out to prevent the information from falling between the wrong ones. hands.

(Source: Shopee.)


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