SIG chosen by WaWaah Water for the packaging of new products

WaWaah Water, a brand owned by the Belgian start-up The Happy Healthy Kids Company, has chosen the Signature packaging solution offered by SIG for its healthy water drink.

Its launch is scheduled for this summer, the drink will be packaged in SIG’s 1,000 ml combifitPremium cardboard box.

The pack includes Signature Full Barrier packaging material, of which more than 95% of the components are bound to renewable materials from the forest.

The packaging material has an ultra-thin layer of aluminum certified by the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative.

All of the polymers used in SIGNATURE Full Barrier are linked to tall oil, which is used as a raw material of forest origin.

By-product of another industry, tall oil is a residue from the paper industry.

the SIG Signature packaging solution also contributes to WaWaah Water’s sustainable development efforts to preserve the planet for future children.

Healthy drinks will be available in apple and strawberry flavors. They are sugar-free and preservative-free and contain vitamins B5, B12, and C, which are considered important for children.

Happy Healthy Kids Company co-founder Philippe Deben said: “We have developed a tasty, fun and healthy water drink for our little monsters, our kids helping us to create the taste and the characters.

“After creating a drink that only contains the best for our children, we turned to SIG for the most sustainable packaging solution.

“Finding a package that helps protect our children’s future planet was essential. SIG bricks with Signature Full Barrier packaging material are ideally suited for WaWaah water.

Last October, Brazilian dairy companies Shefa and Líder Alimentos selected SIG to provide aseptic filling technology and packaging solutions for both companies.

SIG had installed nine aseptic filling machines at the production sites of the companies in São Paulo and Paraná, which had started operations.

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