Stora Enso launches new cardboard packaging box for pellets

Finnish pulp and paper company Stora Enso has launched a new sustainable cardboard packaging box designed for pellets.

The new packaging box was developed as an environmentally friendly solution to replace plastic packaging.

It offers advantages for households with regard to the transport and storage of pellets. The new cardboard packaging box is allegedly fully recyclable.

Stora Enso intends to first launch the sustainable box in Italy, which would have the largest pellet market in Europe for private households.

Marion LeRoy-Loikala, Product Manager of Stora Enso Pellets, said: “The pellet box is now available in a smaller 12kg size – easier to take from the store, easier to pour into the stove and more easy to store at home.

“The new product is therefore sustainable from start to finish – our renewable heating fuel is now also supplied in packaging which can be reused or simply recycled after use. ”

Stora Enso collaborated with Finnish brand and design agency Aune Creative to develop the graphic design for the box.

Before launching the product on the Italian market, the company will conduct an extensive pilot test of the cardboard packaging at its Estonian sawmill Näpi.

The product will be rolled out to other European markets after evaluating customer feedback for a period of up to two years.

Joachim Colliander, Vice President and Commercial Director of Stora Enso Pellets, said: “Our main objectives are to increase our brand awareness and market share in Italy and other relevant domestic markets, while diversifying our customers and helping to reduce overall plastic consumption. .

“The European demand for heating pellets as a renewable and sustainable energy source is expected to increase steadily by 5% of the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the coming years. ”

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