Summary photos of product packaging suggest ‘iPhone 6 SE’ brand as iPhone 7 event draws near


Very sketchy images have surfaced showing the alleged future packaging of the iPhone product, increasing Apple’s potential by calling a new iPhone the iPhone 6 SE. Whether it is a successor to the iPhone SE 4 inch or the “real” name of the iPhone 7, which is due to be announced early next month, is unclear. An upgrade to the iPhone SE is not expected and has not been rumored, as the device only launched a few months ago.

Update: More photos of Priceraja, including an overview of the brochure.

Aside from the boxy awkwardness of the branding (with too many syllables), it’s worth noting right off the bat that these images look pretty fake. The positioning of the 6 and SE elements is unnatural, and the images conveniently spell out unique product identifiers that would otherwise help give photos credit. These images are probably forged photos of iPhone 6 and SE packaging mixed in Photoshop.

For the iPhone 7 itself, the new flagship iPhone launched in a few weeks, calling it 6SE doesn’t make sense from a product marketing standpoint. It’s easy to confuse with the SE (a “budget” offering) and plays down the new features the 2016 will have, despite the similar exterior appearance. Due to the way ‘6 SE’ is written, such a product looks like a continuation of the iPhone 6 (a 2014 product) and not the iPhone 6s (the 2015 device).

All of these reasons make the chances that the next iPhone will actually be called the SE 6 very thin. I don’t think it’s out of the question that the next iPhone is called anything other than iPhone 7 (although that’s the most obvious name), but any other name should elevate the iPhone as the best in the series. 6. Apple uses the SE moniker for low-end devices, not new flagship high-end phones.

For those not in the know, the rumor mill has reached a pretty good consensus on what the next iPhone will be. The device will visually resemble the iPhone 6s in external appearance with adjustments to the antenna lines and small camera changes. The new iPhone will also lack a 3.5mm headphone jack with Apple relying instead on Bluetooth and Lightning for audio output.

The 4.7-inch iPhone will receive a new camera with a larger iris, and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 will see a major overhaul from the photography department with the inclusion of an all-new dual-camera sensor . It looks like the phone will combine the images taken by the two cameras to create sharper, richer images with potential optical zoom features.

The device will undoubtedly also have new internals, such as an Apple A10 chip for better CPU and graphics performance. The iPhone 7 will also remove the 16GB SKU from the lineup and gain a new 256GB configuration in the high end. IPhones are expected to be available in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB offerings. The iPhone 7 release date is currently set for September 16 with an announcement event on September 7, although nothing is officially confirmed as Apple has yet to send out any press invitations. Invitations to members of the press are expected overnight …

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