The TEMP chair turns product packaging into real furniture!

The story behind the TEMP chair is quite short and sweet. Hoyoung ordered some sheets of plywood from a woodworking store. The sheets were wrapped in woven straps, which Hoyoung carefully unwrapped, orienting the sheets of plywood into a chair shape before putting the straps back in place. Voila, that’s really all it took for Hoyoung to make the TEMP chair, or what I call accidental IKEA creative furniture.

The chair’s raw design and cropped aesthetic is exactly what makes it such an attractive piece. It really gives IKEA a run for its money, with a chair that is literally flat-packed, easy to put together and even take apart. The chair wrap (the nylon straps) ends up being the very part that holds the furniture together, giving you a unique seating arrangement with no waste. The wooden planks fit together to form a rather rustic-looking piece of furniture, while the bright orange nylon straps give it a pop of color. A ratchet is found on the back, allowing you to tighten or loosen the straps – a useful feature when you are setting up or taking the chair apart. When you need to move, the straps help secure the wood planks together, allowing you to pack your TEMP chair flat and move it efficiently!

Designate: Hoyoung Joo

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