This Simple Method Increases Retailer Revenue by Almost Twenty Percent

The digitalization of the world is undeniable in 2022. Schools, health institutes and even homeless shelters are going digital. Since digital recording is fast, organized and convenient, many are in favor of this computerized evolution. Switching from offline recordings to online recordings is quite time consuming and complicated. Since this process is complicated, many new business owners digitize their business from the start.

Digital transformation isn’t just happening behind the scenes. The faces of many companies also have an online presence, character and appearance. This does not go unnoticed by the public. In 2021, almost 15% of all purchases were made online. Which is huge, considering that this includes all sectors in the world. Including non-profit and government organizations. Over the coming year, this percentage should even reach an average of 22%. Indicating that businesses that do not yet operate digitally can gain an additional revenue stream by going online. As this new target audience even represents a 22% increase in revenue, it is certainly a worthwhile investment.

For companies that do not yet have a digital infrastructure, the investments are relatively higher. However, the current surplus and expertise in online media and information and communication technologies makes it easy for every demanding entity to find a suitable partner and solution. Businesses that already have an omnichannel infrastructure need only optimize their logistics to deliver the same customer experience online as they do offline.

Many of the most technologically advanced countries in the world are based in Europe. Make Europe the continent with the greatest digital technological maturity. Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland are the five most technologically developed countries. This ranking is based on capital allocated to technological developments, investment in technology and related fields, knowledge and innovation. Global research has revealed that a country’s technological progress is linked to its GDP per capita. Indicating that countries with stronger economy have higher technological advancement.

These statistics are important to business owners because they provide businesses with the insights needed to make the most rewarding technology investments. In terms of e-commerce, the right omnichannel logistics is the most important. Having a solid infrastructure makes it quick and easy to connect physical warehouses to online distribution platforms, such as an online store or an online reservation system. With e-commerce being the most revenue-generating online channel, having the best parcel delivery infrastructure is paramount.

Two of the largest courier companies in Europe and NA, GLS and PostNL, are based in the Netherlands. Their expertise, network and service relative to their costs also make them the most affordable couriers to work with. Same pallets, the Dutch term for pallet shipping, pays off when you cooperate with one of the couriers. And for sending large parcels, large pakketten versturen, you are also welcome at these couriers. Because online order sizes vary by season or marketing campaign, it’s important to work with a courier who is flexible and understands your market and needs. As packaging and delivery are one of the few moments of contact that customers have with a business, they are extremely important parts of your customers’ experience. So (new) business owners better not miss the boat.

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