US environmental study claims risk from phthalates in food packaging

Phthalates, also known as plasticizers, are a group of chemicals that make plastic more durable.

Environmental Pollution is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research and review articles, and its study claims there is a link between chemicals in plastic food packaging and other consumer goods and deaths in the United States.

The study indicates that phthalates are used in food packaging, as well as in shampoos, nail polishes, creams and even baby lotions.

But the competent American authorities do not recognize this threat: according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA): “By law, cosmetic products and ingredients, with the exception of colorants, are not subject to the approval of the FDA before being marketed. market… At this time, the FDA has no evidence that phthalates used in cosmetics pose a safety risk.

Leonardo Trasande, lead author of the study and director of NYU Langone’s Center for the Investigation of Environmental Hazards, said: “Our research suggests that the toll of this chemical on society is far greater than we previously thought. departure. The evidence is undeniably clear that limiting exposure to toxic phthalates can help protect the physical and financial well-being of Americans.

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