VFFS Bagger boasts smart and sanitary design for food packaging

Food packers who use flexible packaging will appreciate the smart, hygienic design and intuitive operation of the new Hayssen ISB vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) bagger from BW Flexible Systems, a Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Co. Packaging includes Frozen/Individually Frozen Foods (IQF), Fresh Produce and Cheese.

The entire machine, including its human-machine interface (HMI), can be washed down. Additionally, the bagger has an IP66 weatherproof rating and a NEMA 4X rating for the enclosures. Hygienic features include the bagger’s open-channel frame design, with sloped surfaces and a maximum of 1 square inch of surface-to-surface contact between components.

Spacers and flange mounts eliminate hardware like washers, and the bagger’s film rolls can be completely removed without tools. Friction belts are used on the machine instead of vacuum belts, which pose a risk of pathogen growth.

The bagger can self-diagnose problems in real time and automatically calculate program values ​​for optimum performance. Changes are made without tools, except for the sealing jaws. The machine’s film unwind and path have been designed for immediate film tracking adjustments, and the bagger automatically maintains film tension using a laser measurement system.

BW Flexible Systems will exhibit this new product at Expo Las Vegas 2021 Bundle (Las Vegas Convention Center, September 27-29), Booth C-1800.

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