Vile-moment Asda delivery driver caught picking up POO outside customer’s home

It’s the dastardly moment when an Asda delivery driver was caught picking up an OOP outside a customer’s home.

The grim clip shows the driver standing outside his van – believing he had protected his modesty by leaving the door ajar – and quickly pulling up his pants.

Asda delivery driver is seen grabbing a wad of toilet paper conveniently stashed in his front seatCredit: ImJustSheff


The delivery driver was seen wiping his back while completing his deliveriesCredit: ImJustSheff
The man was taken aback by a horrified customer in Rotherham on November 3


The man was taken aback by a horrified customer in Rotherham on November 3Credit: ImJustSheff

The man even tears off a handkerchief conveniently stored in the front seat and wipes his back, while dropping off his groceries in Rotherham.

The client who captured the sickening video says the unidentified Asda employee defecated on the street before being taken aback.

They claim the desperate driver used the bundle of tissues three times before dropping it on the floor outside their home.

The incident reportedly took place on November 3 in the South Yorkshire town.

It is not known exactly where the driver headed next, but he appears to be continuing towards the back of the van to continue his deliveries.

Residents were outraged by Asda’s delivery driver using the sidewalk as a bathroom.

The man’s face was covered by the customer with an emoji to conceal his identity.

The disgusting images also sparked an uproar on social media, with Asda customers outraged by the driver’s blatant disregard for hygiene.

A spokesperson for Asda said: “The actions in this video are well below the standards we expect from our drivers and as soon as we were made aware of the footage, we immediately launched an internal investigation.”

This is not the first time that couriers have delivered more to customers than they bargained for.

An Amazon customer caught a driver on CCTV defecating outside his home after dropping off a package.

A woman shared how she spotted an Amazon delivery driver picking up a number two in his backyard after fearing he was trying to steal firewood.

Another disgusted customer was horrified when an Ocado delivery driver dropped off a bag of OOP with her food.

Man caught on CCTV pooping on doorstep of ‘disgusted’ NHS nurse

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