Why stickers are essential for the packaging of your products

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It is not news that product packaging is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling a product. But did you know how many people are influenced by the appearance of a product? A 2018 study shows that 7 in 10 consumers base their purchasing decisions on product packaging.

This means that while the quality and features of your product are critical, at this point in the customer journey, the aesthetics of your packaging are just as important. Done well, packaging your product can guarantee a huge amount of sales.

But how do you do the product packaging just right? There isn’t just one way to market a product, but there is one tool you can use, no matter what your industry, to improve your product packaging quickly and effectively: Custom Stickers. .

Yes, you read that right. With something as simple as stickers, you can create amazing effects in no time. All you have to do is find your sticker printing trusted company and order stickers that match your business. Read on to find out how and what to look out for when using stickers for your product packaging.

1. Efficient product packaging

Product packaging can be tricky, especially if you don’t have in-house product designers. Don’t worry, but take it down to the basics with stickers. When we talk about effective product packaging we mean the economic value as well as the perceived value of stickers as a marketing tool.

Stickers are inexpensive, especially when you order them in bulk. This makes it a very low risk investment that will pay off quickly. On top of that, they can be used quickly, allowing you to take charge of the entire branding process in-house.

Now, that ease usually means you have to compromise when it comes to quality. Not with stickers. Despite their low cost, they enhance the appearance of your product and add value to your customer journeys.

2. Stand out and be seen

This brings us to our second point: use stickers to make yourself stand out. There is a lot of different vinyl stickers available to choose from, ranging from gold and silver to metallic and fluorescent effects.

With the right material, you can showcase your product’s features while creating a remarkable packaging design without any design expertise. Such materials are amazing for short term promotions or new product launches. Just add an effect sticker to distinguish your limited product line from your standard line and watch your sales increase.

Effects materials are also a great way to enhance even the most simplistic packaging. This allows you to order your usual packaging materials in bulk and simply mark them with stickers with different effects. Just look at the image below: the holographic tag elevates this cardboard packaging into a true premium product.

3. Stay flexible

How can you reap the effects of good continuous product design? After a while, even the most spectacular packaging will become familiar and lose its effect on consumers and customers. The secret to successful product packaging is novelty.

We don’t suggest that you completely overhaul your branding every few weeks. In fact, it would be counterproductive because you want to create some familiarity between consumers and your brand. But instead, we recommend that you keep your product design interesting.

With personalized stickers, this can easily be operated as you don’t have to redesign your entire product packaging. All you have to do is create a new design for your packaging stickers, order them, and start pasting them as soon as they arrive. This way, you can continue to surprise your customers and enjoy the power of product packaging with minimal effort. Are you ready to transform your product packaging with personalized stickers? So what are you waiting for? We’re excited to see what you’ll create and would love to read your experience and advice in the comments section below.

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