Xiaomi CEO reveals Xiaomi 12 Pro packaging box [VIDEO]

Xiaomi will unveil the Xiaomi 12 series tomorrow. While waiting for the official launch of this device, the company has unveiled some information about this series. Today, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, posted a video on Weibo that reveals the packaging box of the Xiaomi 12. In the video, Lei Jun received a “new anti-product exposure box” from the marketing department of Xiaomi. Lei Jun took several boxes in a row apart and finally saw the real Mi 12 Pro packaging box. Unexpectedly… the box was locked with eight locks. So, all the video reveals is that the rectangle is this smartphone’s black rectangular box.

As for the system on the Xiaomi 12, Lei Jun claims that this series will use MIUI 13 out of the box. Xiaomi claims that after 36 months of use, the read and write performance of MIUI 13 degrades by less than 5%. According to the manager, after six months of optimization, MIUI13 improved fluidity from 15% to 52%. The system also improves the fluidity of system applications by 20-26% and the frame rate is now over 90%. Thanks to this, MIUI13 ranks first among all mobile phones in the Android proficiency assessment of Master Lu.

Xiaomi 12 other speculations

The Xiaomi 12 device will come with an LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen. This feature will realize an adaptive refresh rate setting function between 1 and 120Hz. This feature will also provide automatic display adjustment. This means that when a user activates a very demanding game, the screen refresh rate will automatically adjust to 120Hz. However, when the user is on a social app, this greatly reduces the refresh rate. This will ultimately contribute to the power consumption of the device.

The Xiaomi 12 series will come with a high-quality display which adopts a slightly curved design. These devices will come with batteries between a 4700mAh battery and a 5000mAh battery. We’re also expecting 120W fast charging to surface on this series. However, there should also be 50W wireless fast charging. The large battery will fully charge in 20 minutes and that will be a new record.

Lei Jun recently revealed that Xiaomi will be making a major upgrade to the Xiaomi 12 series camera. He revealed that the Xiaomi 12 Pro will preview the Sony IMX707 sensor. This means that this device will be the first in the world to use this sensor. It’s one of Sony’s best sensors, with an ultra-wide 1 / 1.28 inch background, large 2.44 um fused pixels, and a 49% increase in light input.

Xiaomi will also do a lot of work to improve its nighttime shooting capabilities. It will improve night scene color reproduction, highlight removal, night scene photography and night scene video shooting. Unfortunately, we do not have specific information on the IMX707 at this time. However, from a base spec perspective, it looks very close to the previously released IMX700. This sensor is expected to be an improved and optimized version of the IMX700, and the pixels should still be 50MP.

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